How It Works - What Happens Now?

After you complete the electronic sign-up, a cleaner will be manually selected and allocated for you to meet. All our cleaners have been interviewed twice, and at least two references are taken up. We also visit them in their own homes as a further security check – in the final analysis, we do not take on a cleaner who we would not be happy to have in our own home.

The cleaner will call you and arrange to come and meet you – before any charges or financial commitment from you. At the meeting the cleaner will discuss your requirements in depth as well as her exact hourly rate. Assuming you are happy with the cleaner, she will arrange the first clean date with you.

This first clean date is when the charges start from – it is the day on which you will make your first payment to the cleaner, and the day on which the first Direct Debit will be made to for the business fee.

If you ever have any questions on the service, we are available on the telephone in the local office, as well as by email.