How It Works - The Cost

Our cleaners are self-employed and therefore you pay them directly at their hourly rate when they clean for you.

Our business fee is a small amount which is added to the hourly cleaner rate, and is paid once every three months (Quarterly) in advance, because it is too small an amount to take weekly.

So, for example, if your cleaner charges £10 an hour and cleans 2 hours a week for you it would cost you £20 a week for the cleaner. Our fee, typically £2.70 and hour, would be paid 3 months in advance – so £70.20 paid by Direct Debit every 3 months.

In the example above, the quarterly business fee is calculated as follows:
£2.70 per hours for 2 hours a week = £5.40 a week
There are 13 weeks in a Quarter, giving 13 x £5.40 = £70.20 per quarter

The £70.20 is paid by Direct Debit once every three months. Note that our notice period is only a month though, and so in the event of cancellation mid quarter, we would simply refund the remaining unused money.